Sunday, October 7, 2007


Hey everyone,

So today I woke up at 9 AM to see white stuff out my window. I basically ran up my stairs and saw a half inch of snow blanketed across town. Anticipating this storm, Zach Hooper wanted to shoot what looked like an 18 stair in Aspen today. I borrowed one of my friends F-150's and set off to get my drop in. My friend Tall Al, was carrying my drop in ramp up a muddy hill, slipped and broke one of his buck teeth. The first part of my day was no good, this was just the start. We got the drop in loaded up and got Al some pain killers. We now had to go to Rabbit Ear's Pass to go get snow to load in the truck. Still in good spirits, we head up the pass. We anticipate around a foot of snow if there was about an inch in town. We were wrong. Apparently the pass had less snow than town, the storm somehow missed it. We got barely half a truck of snow and I call Zach. We decide to wait for another snow storm because the snow we have wont make it the 3.5 hour drive to Aspen. I now drop off Al who is too hurt/low spirited to want to hit anything in Steamboat. I call Matt Ladley and Kyle Sorensen and go to this ledge we have been kicked from 3 times already this year. surprise, surprise, we get kicked. We go to this wooden rail. We hit it for hours and have a blast. Here are some photos of a bad day gone good.

Until next time,